Physics Lab

Anwar Public School having all the experiments as per the syllabus of CBSE Board we have many other demonstration equipments. The Van De Graff generator gives a wonderful demonstration of the creation of high voltage. Today, the burning need of the hour is using non-conservative sources of energy and very much in use and display is our solar cooker and solar panel. The FM circuit is used for producing different types of waves (FM + AM waves) and pulses. Our light box is the proverbial Pandora's box, only it has no problems but beautiful vista of lights to demonstrate the various phenomena like reflection, refraction, polarization and dispersion etc. Our spectrometer displays the very colorful spectrum of different sources of light.

Chemistry Lab

Approaching our next stop we are greeted by the pungent smell of Ammonia, which is a testimony to a very active Chemistry Lab. Under the strict and alert vigilance of teachers and assistant, the students perform various tests and analysis of salts and solutions. A separate measurement room ensures the accurate measurement of chemicals for the volumetric analysis experiments. The Chemistry lab is spacious enough for every individual student to perform experiments individually as each student is provided with separate set of apparatus for experiments. The lab has arranged for gas pipelines for instead of ordinary spirit lamps. The lab is fully equipped with chemicals and apparatus as per the CBSE syllabus & guidelines. The chemistry lab is well ventilated with proper disposal of poisonous gases. It also provides separate weighing room to students.

Biology Lab

Biology Lab have a very colorful and panoramic view of models of human anatomy, insect cycle and many other topics made by our students under the guidance of our teachers. There is a plethora of specimens in jars and also charts to be used as models for teaching. Also we have a projection microscope in which the image formed by the microscope is projected onto a bigger screen, which enables many students to see it at the same line thereby conserving time in the classes. Biology Lab is very spacious and well designed with Museum, faculty and storeroom.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics Lab is the place where students learn abstract concepts of this wonderful language through various paper folding and paper pasting experiments such as algebraic identities by their geometric proofs. Students make models of 3D figures and learn their basic concepts. Various mathematics games in the lab are also a point of attraction for students, which make learning a fun, and develop deep interest in them for the subject.

Social Science Studies Lab

Social Studies lab is the place where students learn through globs, charts and models about the histories of various revolutions, geographical studies, rules and acts for a citizen and disaster management.

English Language Lab

Anwar Public School Group of Schools takes another step forward to add to the state-of-art-of-education. Keeping pace with the global trends in the field of education and the role of English language on the global platform, the school has set up a Hi-Tech Language Lab. With the latest teaching aid- The Linguaphone-21 lab-a self-learning teaching programme.

Sculpture Lab

Here the students make clay models, sketches and other beautiful ports.

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